22 Jun
Jazz Matters: A Global Journey Through Jazz

Welcome to Jazz Matters, I'm so proud of my not-for-profit project that started back in May 2020. as a weekly show NuDirections on a London community radio station. Fast forward to 2023 and NuDirections has morphed into Jazz Matters, and has blossomed into a significant music streaming service. with a global audience of 40,000+ open-minded music lovers across 24+ platforms in 57 countries. Please enjoy what my website offers. 

My platform is dedicated to bringing you the best of jazz from around the world, highlighting the diverse and vibrant sounds that make this genre so unique. Whether you're a lifelong jazz enthusiast or just beginning your journey, Jazz Matters offers something special for everyone.

Monthly Showcase Shows, I pride myself on my monthly showcase shows, where I curate and present the finest jazz performances from around the globe, where you'll discover new talents and reconnect with legendary artists, and explore Global Melodies throughout the month, where I take you on a musical journey with separate melodies that focus on jazz influences from different cultures. 

My dedicated segments on Brazilian, Cuban, African, and Japanese jazz highlight the rich tapestry of sounds and styles that these regions contribute to the global jazz scene.

Brazilian Jazz: Experience the sultry and rhythmic beats of Brazilian jazz, a genre that beautifully fuses traditional samba and bossa nova with modern jazz elements. My selections feature the works of icons like Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto, as well as contemporary artists pushing the boundaries of this timeless style.

Cuban Jazz: Dive into the vibrant world of Cuban jazz, where the energy of Afro-Cuban rhythms meets the improvisational spirit of jazz. From the classics of Chucho Valdés to the innovative sounds of modern artists, My Cuban jazz melodies are sure to get you moving.

African Jazz: Discover the roots of jazz with my African jazz melodies, showcasing the profound influence of African music on the genre. I feature a blend of traditional African sounds with jazz improvisation, highlighting artists such as Hugh Masekela and Fela Kuti.

Japanese Jazz: Immerse yourself in the unique and sophisticated world of Japanese jazz. This segment celebrates the fusion of traditional Japanese music with contemporary jazz, featuring artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hiromi Uehara.

Blogs, Videos, and More, my website, www.jazzmattersuk.com, is the heart of my community. Here, you'll find comprehensive blogs supporting each showcase and melody segment. My blogs are packed with insightful articles, detailed artist profiles, and historical context to enrich your understanding and appreciation of jazz.

In addition to written content, my site features a wealth of multimedia, including music videos and exclusive interviews with artists. These interviews offer a rare glimpse into the creative minds behind the music, providing personal stories and insights that deepen your connection to the artists and their work.

Your Personal Jazz Player, To enhance your listening experience, I've developed my own music player on the Jazz Matters website. This player allows you to seamlessly stream our curated playlists, showcase recordings, and special melodies. With high-quality audio and an easy-to-use interface, my player ensures that you can enjoy the best of jazz whenever and wherever you are.

Coming Soon: Audiophile-Standard Streaming, I’m excited to announce that I’m working on an additional music platform that will take your listening experience to the next level. Soon, you'll be able to stream all my shows and melodies in audiophile-standard quality using WAV files. This upgrade will provide unparalleled sound clarity and depth, bringing you closer to the live jazz experience from the comfort of your home. I encourage you to hear my new high-fidelity stream using your best sound system.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development, and thank you for being a part of the Jazz Matters community. Together, let's celebrate the rich and diverse world of jazz!