Rhythms of Afrika

Welcome back, music lovers, to my African extended mix! After a long summer break, I am thrilled to share with you a captivating blend of African jazz that will transport you to the heart of the continent. What began as a one-hour mix has blossomed into a two-hour sonic odyssey, as I got carried away curating this immersive musical experience.

In this mix, you will be treated to a diverse and mesmerizing array of jazz tracks from Africa. I pride myself on selecting music that is unlike anything you'd commonly hear, and my playlists are known for being uncompromising, bold, and at times, delightfully challenging. I believe that music should be an ever-evolving journey, and my selections reflect that, with shifts in tempo and style to keep you from getting stuck in a single groove.

So, sit back, relax, and allow the rich melodies and rhythms of Africa to wash over you. Let's dive into our playlist:

The Brother Moves On – Umthandazo – WamagengeKicking off our journey is The Brother Moves On with "Umthandazo – Wamagenge." Their unique sound sets the stage for what's to come.

Yonela Mnana – LeaganYonela Mnana's "Leagan" offers a soulful and contemplative melody that will resonate with your senses.

Ayanda Sikade – MdantsaneThe hypnotic beats of "Mdantsane" by Ayanda Sikade will transport you to the heart of jazz in Africa.

Amadou & Mariam – MagossaAmadou & Mariam bring their distinctive blend of African and world music with "Magossa."

Zoe Modiga – InganekwaneZoe Modiga's "Inganekwane" showcases her soulful voice and African jazz influences.

Thandiswa – NdiyahambaThandiswa's "Ndiyahamba" takes you on a soul-stirring journey with its beautiful vocals.

AfroCubism – Al Vaiven da Mi CarretaThe fusion of African and Cuban influences in "Al Vaiven da Mi Carreta" by AfroCubism is a delightful twist.

Dollar Brand. Archie Shepp – Barefoot Boy From Queens TownDollar Brand and Archie Shepp present "Barefoot Boy From Queens Town," a true masterpiece of African jazz.

Issa Bagayogo – Timbuktu"Timbuktu" by Issa Bagayogo infuses the mix with a touch of Malian flair.

Kyle Shepherd Claude Cozens - A1Kyle Shepherd and Claude Cozens bring us the mesmerizing "A1," a testament to their talent and creativity.

Leagan Starchild JustHlo - I'll Be There"I'll Be There" by Leagan Starchild and JustHlo offers a captivating modern twist on jazz.

The Brother Moves On – Ta TomReturning to The Brother Moves On, "Ta Tom" adds another layer of depth to our musical journey.

Les Freres Coulibaly – Boroto"Boroto" by Les Freres Coulibaly infuses the mix with a rich West African vibe.

Manu Dibango – WakafrikaManu Dibango's "Wakafrika" is a timeless classic, a true gem in the world of African jazz.

Moses Taiwa Molelekwa – Dance to AfricaMoses Taiwa Molelekwa invites us to "Dance to Africa" with his lively and rhythmic composition.

Ndabo Zulu. Umgidi Ensemble – Abansundu Nabamhlophe"Abansundu Nabamhlophe" by Ndabo Zulu and the Umgidi Ensemble brings a traditional flair to the mix.

Philip Tabane and Malombo – NgwanaO Ya LelaPhilip Tabane and Malombo's "NgwanaO Ya Lela" carries you into the heart of African culture.

Shane Cooper. MABUTA – Joburg PoemShane Cooper and MABUTA present a sonic poem with "Joburg Poem," inviting you to explore the vibrant city of Johannesburg.

Sibongile Khumalo – UmhomeSibongile Khumalo's "Umhome" is a powerful and emotive piece that will leave you captivated.

Siya Makuzeni Sextet – Brazen DreamSiya Makuzeni Sextet takes us on a journey through the dreamscape with "Brazen Dream."

Baaba Maal – African WomanWe conclude our musical odyssey with "African Woman" by Baaba Maal, a beautiful and uplifting note to end on.

I hope you enjoyed this extended African jazz mix, and that it enriched your musical palate with the incredible diversity of sounds that the continent has to offer. Stay tuned for more musical explorations, and remember, the world of music is boundless and ever-evolving.