Forgotten Treasures

I'm currently engrossed in the process of digitizing my extensive music collection, a task that has proven to be quite time-consuming due to my meticulous approach to copying every track in real-time. As I delve into this digitization journey, I'm unearthing musical gems that I haven't had the pleasure of listening to in quite some time.

This rediscovery has inspired me to curate a series of mixes that I've aptly named "Forgotten Treasures." These mixes aren't bound by rigid plans, genres, or calculated sequencing. Instead, they serve as a raw and authentic representation of the hidden treasures within my music collection.

My love for music spans a vast spectrum, encompassing Rare Grooves, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Dance, NuJazz, Soul, Funk, Balearic, and World Music. Within these genres, you'll find a fusion of past, present, and future sounds that traverse both time and geography. These mixes come with a touch of the unexpected, a nod to the uncharted left side, and a sprinkle of electronica to keep things fresh and exciting.

One thing you can always count on with my playlists is their uncompromising and bold nature. They often challenge the conventional, with tempo and style changes carefully interwoven to ensure you don't find yourself stuck in a monotonous groove.

I believe in the power of music to unite, inspire, and provoke emotions, and I'm committed to bringing the world a selection of tunes that mainstream music channels frequently overlook. For more information, visuals, content, music videos, blogs, and links to my social media presence, you can explore the Nu Directions FM (NDFM) website at

As you immerse yourself in these mixes, I hope they resonate with your soul, as much as they have with mine. Music has the extraordinary ability to touch the heart and revive memories. Join me on this journey through the forgotten treasures that have influenced my musical world, and let the music I love become a part of your own. Discover a harmonious balance that transcends the ordinary and amplifies the extraordinary. Enjoy the tunes, and let the magic of music transport you.

Please enjoy the Music I love


The Brother Moves On – Umthandazo – Wamagenge
Yonela Mnana – Leagan
Ayanda Sikade – Mdantsane
Amadou & Mariam – Magossa
Zoe Modiga – Inganekwane
Thandiswa – Ndiyahamba
AfroCubism – Al Vaiven da Mi Carreta
Dollar Brand. Archie Shepp – Barefoot Boy From Queens Town
Issa Bagayogo – Timbuktu
Kyle Shepherd Claude Cozens - A1
Leagan Starchild JustHlo - Ill Be There
The Brother Moves On – Ta Tom
Les Freres Coulibaly – Boroto
Manu Dibango – Wakafrika
Moses Taiwa Molelekwa – Dance to Africa
Ndabo Zulu. Umgidi Ensemble – Abansundu Nabamhlophe
Philip Tabane and Malombo – NgwanaO Ya Lela
Shane Cooper. MABUTA – Joburg Poem
Sibongile Khumalo – Umhome
Siya Makuzeni Sextet – Brazen Dream
Baaba Maal – African Woman