Jazz Matters Digs Japan Medley! - June 2024

I’m thrilled to have you join me on this musical journey through the vibrant and diverse world of Japanese jazz. My playlist, "Jazz Matters Digs Japan Medley," is a selection of some of Japan's finest and most innovative jazz tracks. From timeless classics to contemporary fusion, each piece showcases the incredible talent and unique soundscapes crafted by these exceptional artists.

I will begin with the dynamic live performance of "Anchor" by toconoma, setting the stage for an exciting adventure. Next, you'll hear Kyoto Jazz Massive's soulful "Mystery Of Ages" in a mesmerising remix by Moonstarr, followed by the legendary Masayoshi Takanaka's exhilarating "AN INSATIABLE HIGH." The medley continues with intricate compositions from Gecko&Tokage Parade and the energetic flair of Calmera.Immerse yourself in the atmospheric beauty of PRIMITIVE ART ORCHESTRA’s "Blue Mist" and the big band sound of BimBomBam Orchestra's "From the cradle." 

I'll revisit Gecko&Tokage Parade with their fresh take on "Nica's Dream" and dive into the soulful depths of Hiroshi Suzuki’s "Kuro To Shire."Get ready to groove with the innovative "Brotherhood" remix by SLEEP WALKER and Marc Marc, and dance along to H ZETTRIO’s infectious "Dancing in the Mood." Feel the bold intensity of Hatsukoi no Akuma's "Dance With The Devil," and wrap up our journey with JABBERLOOP’s high-energy "continuum.

1. Anchor - Live version – toconomatoconoma is known for their fusion of jazz, funk, and instrumental rock. This live version of "Anchor" captures the band's dynamic performance and intricate musicality.

2. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Mystery Of Ages feat. Bembe Segue (Moonstarr Broken Mix)Kyoto Jazz Massive is a pioneering duo in the Japanese acid jazz scene. This remix by Moonstarr adds a broken beat twist to the soulful track featuring Bembe Segue's captivating vocals.

3. Masayoshi Takanaka - AN INSATIABLE HIGHA legendary figure in Japanese jazz fusion, Masayoshi Taka-naka's "AN INSATIABLE HIGH" vibrant, guitar-driven piece that highlights his virtuosic playing and compositional skills.

4. Gecko&Tokage Parade - clockworkGecko&Tokage Parade blends traditional jazz with modern el-ements. "clockwork" is a testament to their ability to create intri-cate and engaging compositions.

5. Calmera - ver. 2.0Calmera is known for their energetic and entertaining performances. "ver. 2.0" showcases their upbeat and lively approach to jazz, making it a fun and engaging track.

6. PRIMITIVE ART ORCHESTRA - Blue MistThis ensemble creates atmospheric and evocative jazz pieces. "Blue Mist" is a beautifully composed track that immerses the listener in its dreamy soundscape.

7. BimBomBam Orchestra - From the cradleWith a big band sound, BimBomBam Orchestra brings a modern twist to classic jazz elements. "From the cradle" is a lively and rhythmically engaging piece.

8. Gecko&Tokage Parade - Nica's DreamA second entry from Gecko & Tokage Parade, "Nica's Dream" showcases their versatility with a fresh take on this jazz standard.

9. Hiroshi Suzuki – Kuro To ShireHiroshi Suzuki is renowned for his work in jazz trombone. "Kuro To Shire" is a deep, soulful track that highlights his expressive playing style.

10. SLEEP WALKER - Brotherhood - Marc Marc Dirty Jazz Re-mixSLEEP WALKER is known for their innovative approach to jazz. This remix by Marc Marc brings a gritty, urban feel to the original track, blending traditional jazz elements with modern electronic sounds.

11. H ZETTRIO - Dancing in the moodH ZETTRIO combines jazz with pop and classical influences. "Dancing in the Mood" is a lively and infectious track that showcases their playful and virtuosic style.

12. Hatsukoi no Akuma - Dance With The DevilThis band infuses their jazz with rock and experimental elements. "Dance With The Devil" is a bold and dynamic track that stands out for its intensity and creativity.

13. JABBERLOOP - continuum JABBERLOOP merges jazz with electronic and dance music. "continuum" is a high-energy track that exemplifies their innovative fusion style.