Ray, affectionately known as My Cousin Ray, is an unparalleled music aficionado whose passion for live music has fuelled his remarkable journey through the world of sound. Since the age of 14, Ray has been a passionate music collector, curating a vast and eclectic collection that mirrors his profound love for melodies that resonate with his soul.

Over the years, Ray has not only embraced music as a personal obsession but has also elevated it to a profession, carving a niche for himself in the music industry. His expertise as a professional DJ has kept venues alive, while his role as a Promoter has brought musical talents to the forefront, allowing them to shine in the spotlight they deserve.

Ray's entrepreneurial spirit led him to become the proud owner of a bustling bar and a thriving live music venue, where music enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered to experience the magic of live performances. His influence in the music scene extended even further as he took on the responsibilities of a board member at a prestigious live music venue, shaping the direction of the industry with his valuable insights and passion for the craft.

But Ray's journey didn't stop there. With a vision as vast as the endless rhythm of the universe, he ventured into the digital realm, creating and nurturing NuDirections and his platform Jazz Matter, to a ground-breaking global music streaming service that has become nothing short of a phenomenon