Jazz Matters Digs Havana Moon

Discovered the magic of Latin music through a unique record store that specialized in West Indian and African beats. It all began with the rhythm of West African Latin, and soon, I found myself finding my first salsa night in London.

The experience was nothing short of amazing – the pulsating and vibrant music captivated me. This musical journey led me to countless hours of crate digging in music stores and extensive research. As time went on, the internet opened up a floodgate of information, deepening my love for Latin music.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself sharing a Latin night with a good friend in Birmingham, fondly named El Partido, after my first club night experience in London.

With the support from friends at Café Cuba in Manchester, many of whom were talented salsa dancers, played a crucial role in making these nights a success. The beats, the dance, and the camaraderie – it was a celebration of Latin music that continues to resonate in my heart.