Jazz Matters Digs Japan

My musical journey with Japan took an unexpected turn when I stumbled on and bought Santana's 'Lotus' album around 1974/5. The mesmerizing album cover and inserts sparked my curiosity, making me wonder if Japan had an appreciation for Western-style music.

And so, a new chapter of crate digging unfolded as I delved into the world of Japanese music. The shock I experienced was nothing short of profound – Japan's deep appreciation for music completely blew me away, opening up a whole new musical horizon for me.

Among the many gems I unearthed, Japanese Jazz stole the spotlight. Its unique fusion and creativity resonated with me, prompting me to share my discoveries with you through the Jazz Matters Digs Japan series. While the primary focus will be on Jazz, expect me to wander into other genres as well, as I explore the rich musical tapestry that Japan has to offer. Join me on this musical adventure as we dive into the captivating world where Jazz truly matters.